About Aortica Corporation

Aortica is dedicated to the treatment of juxtarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms and advancing the science of Personalized Vascular Therapy.

Aortica Corporation was founded to design, manufacture, and market tools for treatment of patients with AAA disease who have aortic anatomy that limits their treatment options. While EVAR has become a highly desirable option for treatment of AAA disease, approximately 40% of patients are not candidates for EVAR because their aortic anatomy is structured in a manner that does not allow an endograft to be anchored properly without blocking blood flow to vital organs. These patients face either open surgery or may be treated sub-optimally with standard EVAR.

About Aortica

Simplified FEVAR

Fenestrated EVAR (FEVAR) is a highly desirable and effective treatment option for these patients. Unfortunately, in its current form, it is highly complex, requires expensive planning equipment, is time consuming, and costly. As a result, very few physicians are able to, or choose to attempt FEVAR. Aortica has developed the AortaFit™ System to simplify FEVAR, thereby opening up this less invasive and patient-specific treatment option to a wider audience of physicians and patients.

Personalized Vascular Therapy

No two patients are alike. Consequently, it is not reasonable to assume that an “off-the-shelf” endograft can optimize treatment for every patient. The AortaFit™ System represents a major advancement in the science of Personalized Vascular Therapy. The system is designed to precisely match fenestrations on an endograft with the unique locations of each individual patient’s branch arteries. The result is an endograft that fits each patient’s anatomical requirements… precisely.

Our Mission & Vision

Aortica Corp. is committed to developing state of the art healthcare solutions to provide physicians the products & tools that offer best-in-class personalized care for every patient suffering from juxtarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms.

We envision a future where Personalized Vascular Therapy becomes the standard of care, allowing more physicians to treat more patients with complex AAA disease. We will achieve our objectives through both invention and innovation – developing and continuously improving therapeutic options that deliver minimally invasive, highly effective treatment options to all patients in our target markets.