About AortaFit System

Our investigational AortaFit™ System is designed to offer an easy to use, less invasive, personalized solution for the treatment of AAA. This proprietary system is comprised of three technology platforms: AortaFit Software, Precise Fenestration Application (PFA) Process and a Branch Fenestration Stent. The system is designed to precisely match endografts to each patient’s unique anatomy, thus allowing physicians to treat the over 40% of AAA patients who could benefit from EVAR. These patients currently either go to open surgery, which is often associated with higher risks and longer recovery times, or undergo standard EVAR, which is frequently associated with suboptimal results in this setting. Both these groups could benefit from the technology. This process is intended to improve graft anchoring, and minimize the potential of both endoleaks and graft migration.

AortaFit™ Software

The Proprietary Fenestration Alignment Software offers a patient specific approach designed to account for short aortic necks and highly angulated necks and enables physicians to protect the major branch arteries:

  • Left and Right Renal Arteries
  • Celiac Artery
  • Superior Mesenteric Artery
  • Important Accessory Arteries

Fenestration Process

The Fenestration Process enables graft manufacturers to place fenestrations accurately and easily at the end of a manufacturing line. A finished FEVAR product can then be shipped quickly to the customer. This dramatically streamlines endograft manufacture.
Precise Fenestration Application (PFA) Process

Branch Fenestration Stent

Branch Fenestration Stent
The stent is designed for rapid deployment and to minimize the steps involved in stent placement, resulting in potential procedural cost reductions.

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